On-chain Identity Gateway

Welcome to the Identity.com On-chain Identity Gateway monorepo.

This repository contains libraries that help a smart contract or program on the Blockchain with regulations and guidances from FATF, US OFAC, US OCC BSA and others.


This repository focuses on the Solana blockchain, but other implementations, as well as cross-chain features, are coming soon.

The Model

On-chain applications require users to present a Gateway Token, which proves that they have been verified by a Gateway Provider to use the dApp. This token is tied to their wallet and is non-transferable.

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API Documentation


Repo structure

This repository contains a number of libraries, which combine to define the on-chain gateway protocol.

Inside each chain’s directory (e.g. solana/) are the following libraries:

Directory Description Published at
http-client Used by dApp developers to discover and use gateway tokens and to interact with gatekeepers npm
gateway-ts Wrapper library for the blockchain smart-contract or program npm
integration-lib Used by on-chain program or smart-contract developers to restrict the contract to authorised users only  
program The source-code for the gateway program or smart-contract  
gatekeeper-lib Used by gatekeepers to allow them to issue gateway tokens on the chain. npm


For DeFi developers (Solana)


Follow the steps in solana/integration-lib to add gateway functionality to your dApp


Follow the steps in solana/client to integrate the client library into to your dApp’s client library and/or UI.

For Gateway providers

If you are interested in becoming a gateway provider, and issuing gateway tokens, please contact us at contact@identity.org


Before contributing, please read the contributing guidelines and code of conduct.